Sandbar Kennels
If you're seeking further details or would like to reserve a puppy please contact us for a Questionnaire and information about deposit requirements.

Diane Baker
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Honoring the Past while looking to the Future
At Sandbar we consider ourselves "Preservationist" breeders. Through careful adherence to the AKC breed standard we pursue a  goal of producing puppies with the traits essential to maintain  the type and talent of the original Chesapeake Bay dog.  We feel it important to produce a dog that true to it's heritage,  a robust, powerful working dog.
We have spent 35 + years in serious study of structure, movement, temperament, training and working ability. We feel it is important to have our stock continually evaluated by other professionals to help maintain an objective prospective.  We regularly attend seminars,breeder's education, dog shows and anywhere serious fanciers gather to trade knowledge and ideas. 
To breed the best, it is very impotant to continually study pedigrees, track health clearances, watch what stud dogs and other breeders are  producing and talk to as many breeders, owners and trainers as possible.  It consumes a lot of time and energy but it is our passion.  We have dedicated ourselves to this journey and our intent is to produce the healthiest, happiest, most correct and trainable puppy possible. 
Making great puppies first starts with selecting and keeping the right females to breed from. This is not an accident.  Good bitches are the backbone of any successful breeding program.  When we make our selections we are sometimes mapping out a strategy that will come to fruition several generations down the line. Each generation is a building block to the next.  Knowing that,  stud dog selection is unique for each individual dam.  We seek the most appropriate mate to compliment that particular female.
Once we choose the best potential mate for our girl, the waiting begins.  We will post our current litters on this page and updates will be posted as the pregnancy progresses.
Sandbar puppies are whelped in our home and raised with love and devotion.  We have a separate, isolated yard by the house where the pups have a splash pool (when the weather is appropriate), toys and interactive equipment to help stimulate their development. At 6 weeks we generally conduct a standardized temperament test that is administered by an objective 3rd party.  By this time we have had adequate opportunity to observe the puppies interaction with eachother, people and other animals. The temperament test results coupled with our observations help us make certain puppies are matched with the proper homes.  At 7 weeks the babies will be evaluated for correct conformation and movement.  We ask that our potential puppy buyers fill out our questionnaire to aid us in making sure puppies have the potential to meet the new owners expectations. Because Sandbar is housed in conjunction with Paws Here Pet Resort the puppies are blessed with a big, loving,  human family that can't keep their hands off of them.  By the time they go to their new homes, puppies have been socialized both at the house, at the kennel, in our grooming shop and have had exposure to many people and new experiences.  When they leave for home they will have been dewormed multiple times, received a Distemper/Parvo and Parainfluenza shot as well as a Micro-chip for identification. We know that getting a new puppy is an exciting time and we are always available to answer your questions, before and after the sale.  One of our very favorite things is keeping track of the Sandbar dogs throughout their lifetime.  We are so proud to see our guys out doing their jobs! We love pictures!!!
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