Sandbar Kennels
~ Friends & Family ~
Sandbar's Diligent Wingmaster JH
BIS, BISS GCH Sandbar's Stock Exxchange (Molson)
Ch. Sandbar's Mind Over Matter CGC (Toots)
Owner: David Puckett
MHR CH Tugboat's Inside Passage MH
CH Pond Hollow Bering Sea (Bery)
Sandbar's Matter of Fact (Addy)
Owner: Bradley Sisson
Breeders: Wes Christopher  & Diane Baker
BISS, SU(U)CH NOCH SE VCH SV-09 AM GCH* Double Coat's Christmas Joy WD CGC
2011 ACC National Specialty Show Best of Breed
Owners/Breeders Kaj & Catharina Lindstrom
Handler: Diane Baker
Kaj celetrates Joy's Specialty Best In Show!
"Caught In the Moment"
The Family reacts as Joy is Awarded Best of Breed!
We had the pleasure of having Joy in our home from July to December of 2011. During that time he became an American Grand Champion, Multiple Group Placer, the #2 Chesapeake in the USA and the National Specialty Best of Breed Winner.  Thank you so much to his breeders and owners Kaj and Catharina Lindstrom and his "American Mom" Jane Pappler for sharing him and allowing us to participate in this amazing experience.  He is a wonderful dog and we enjoyed every moment!
CH Whiskey Creek's Barrel Select Bordeaux JH CGC
BIS, BISS GCH Sandbar's Stock Exxchange
UCH*, CH Whiskey Creek's Wind in the Willows U-CD, RE,
Owner: Todd Turcott
Breeder: Kathy Case
BIS, BISS CH Sandbar's Stock Exxchange (Molson)
CH Avatar's Grace Under Fire (Grace)
Owner: Erin Lucks
Breeders: Diane Baker & Fred Konrad
GCH Sandbar's Red River Bear THD
Ch. Silvercreek What I Like About You CD, CGC, RN THD
CH  Sandbar's Naughty By Nature  (Eva)
Owners: Joe & Rebecca Patrick
Breeders: Diane Baker & Fred Konrad
~ Visiting the Retirement Home ~
Bear's visits bring immeasurable joy to residents of the local nursing home.  Many of these folks have been life long animal lovers and being without a pet is the source of  great anguish.  A visit from Bear brightens their day and gives them something to really look forward to!  The value of his service cannot be overstated.
Thanks to Joe and Bear for  devoting your time, energy and talents to making other people happy.  You Rock!
SR Sandbar's Sneek Peake
SR Sandbar's B-Fifty Two JH
Ch* Quail Run's Trouble Bruin JH WD
CH  Sandbar's Liberty

Pictured with Trainer Phylis Giroux ~ Deep Run Retrievers
CH Albriden's Arctic Wookie CGC, RN SH
BIS, BISS GCH Sandbar's Stock Exxchange (Molson)
CH  Silvercreek What's My Line (Josie)
Owner: Robin Langlie
Breeder: Stephanie Larson
U-JJ, U-CH Whiskey Creeks Cinnamon Fern
BIS, BISS GCH Sandbar's Stock Exxchange
UCH*, CH Whiskey Creek's Wind in the Willows U-CD, RE,
Owner: Kathy Case
Breeder: Kathy Case